I was born and raised in the mountains of the Altai Territory, Western Siberia. All my blood relatives from there, for generations, are real Siberians. My great-great-grandfather Luka Klementievich is the greatest man, a war hero, his name is still on a memorial in the Altai mountains to this day. Before the war, he was a defender of forests! Defended the unique nature of the Altai Mountains, as a huntsman. He fed a large family. He was an honest and decent man. Youth is gone! And he washed gold in icy mountain rivers, and protected the taiga, and always dreamed of exploring and discovering something new. But then the war happened, like all men, he was called to the front … and left. He was a soldier on the Volkhov front (Volkhov river, Novgorod province), and after that he was killed in battle. Young warrior. His son, Agey Lukich, I remember him very well. Strong grandfather in my eyes. At the age of 70, he pulled himself up and went in for sports. Always loved and protected nature! Constantly dangled in the mountains of the Altai Territory, he was a wonderful person with eternally cheerful eyes and a good-natured disposition. In his youth, a sailor-sapper, in the post-war years he cleared ships. Then in the city of Barnaul, Altai Territory, he was an excellent engineer at a machine-building plant! All my childhood I remember his drawings and various developments. But most importantly, I remember his kind look and instructive speeches.

I remember my ancestors by their actions, I remember by their deeds and attitude to life. I know that my path is the little I can give in return for the world they gave us. The world of honest people! We are their heritage and we are responsible for the land on which we live. All my social activities are just a few things that I can repay my Ancestors and Gods for the opportunity to be a Human. I have a son, my pride and my happiness. Looking into his eyes, I see myself small, and drown in them… feeling the great connection of entire generations. I do not want one day, when I am gone, my son to live on scorched earth in the struggle for survival. I do not want him to one day have to fight for a drink of water and starve because all the resources of the planet have been exhausted. And even more, I want my children to be honest people, with a wonderful understanding of the world and a desire to protect this land, to love it. Perhaps this is the meaning of my life. And I will not leave here until I set the right rhythm for my future generation …

Being engaged in social activities, vehemently speaking out against the destruction of Russia’s forests and against environmental disasters, I first of all pay tribute to my fathers. My respect to the Ancestors and low bow to the Gods. Embracing children, I embrace the future. And what future awaits us depends today only on you and me. If we can change our attitude to life, set the right rhythm for our children, save our native land, then everything will change. Today we are still able to change everything! But at any moment it will be too late… humanity is on the brink.

If you follow my activities, support projects, share with your friends, then we are already in the same boat. I have nothing more to say except that I will not give up until I make this land a better place. Everything I do is for my beloved land and for my people! All my work, my books, my social activities.

This century is a turning point! We live at the start of a new era. Scientists predict terrible environmental consequences, completely depleted natural resources and a war for survival. But I want to change everything. I’m a madman on the path of fighting for a better life. And I know for sure that I am not alone here … I kindle a fire and people like me come to the smoke! So let’s do the impossible together: give a better world to our children… let’s start a new era! Be there.

With great respect, Russian traveler, writer Pavel Pashkov.

Pavel Pashkov