In February 2023, we started working to protect the world’s ancient forests! I, Pavel Pashkov, and my film crew, are going to the most remote parts of the world’s wild planet to make a big documentary about the breath of the Earth, about ancient forests.

In addition to filming a documentary, I will be working on my new book in defense of forests. Both the book and the documentary will be published in early 2024 on all the most popular platforms in the world! So we will try to draw the attention of the world community to the problem of the destruction of the last ancient forests.

As part of our expeditions, we will meet with scientists and specialists on all continents of the Earth. We will collect the signatures of scientists for a manifesto demanding the governments of the world to ban the cutting down of ancient forests, the need for federal protection of the last wild areas of nature!

For 2023 we plan to:

  1. Conduct expeditions to the most remote corners of the world’s wildlife
  2. Make a documentary about the breath of the Earth, about the world’s ancient forests
  3. Write a book in defense of ancient forests
  4. Collect signatures of scientists and experts from all over the world against the destruction of ancient forests
  5. Unite the world community in defense of wildlife

All our work is carried out entirely in-house. No politics, no advertising, no commercial interest. We protect wildlife on behalf of each of us!

I want to change this world. I want to influence global environmental problems! And now, from the ancient boreal forests of Russia to the Amazon jungle and the equatorial jungle, we are conducting expeditions to protect wildlife to try to stop the massive destruction of Life on the planet.


On my main website all our followers can join the fight for the ancient forests! If you think that we are doing the right thing, you can help our projects and leave your name in history.

The main site is open to accepting applications for your name to be included in the credits of a documentary, as well as for printing in a book! Stand by our side and help us change the world.

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As part of the filming of a documentary and international expeditions, we are open to cooperation with the media, TV, scientists, academia, researchers and government organizations.

If you want to offer cooperation, send a letter to a special mailing address:

Pavel Pashkov