On June 18, 2020, Science magazine published an article by WEATHER MAKERS (weather creators) about the theory of the biotic pump by Russian scientists Anastasia Makarieva and Viktor Gorshkov from the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics.

The subtitle of the article is: “Forests supply the world with rain. A controversial Russian theory claims they also create wind.”

Only now the “controversial Russian theory” is several decades old. It has been developed since the late 1990s. And over the past two decades, it has found a huge amount of evidence in the studies of scientists from different parts of the Earth.

And Viktor Gorshkov, unfortunately, is no longer alive. His student and co-author Anastasia Makarieva continues to promote the theory of the biotic pump.

Immediately the big and most important question is: And why is an important scientific theory left to little known if it is confirmed and further confirmed by HUNDREDS of the most serious quantitative studies carried out by biologists and climatologists all over the world?!

Probably, the main thing is the fundamental nature of the theory of the biotic pump. If earlier the ideas were such that the circulation of air masses is determined entirely by physical principles, then the theory of the biotic pump refutes such ideas completely. No, this is not so: the promotion of moist air masses from the oceans deep into the continents is carried out at the expense of organic life – large tracts of ancient forests. There is no forest – all atmospheric moisture is shed by rain no further than 100-200 kilometers from the coast. And then the desert.

So the fundamental theory meets with resistance, requiring a revision of ALL PAST ideas in a number of sciences. It is clear why. If the theory is accepted, then hundreds of scientific papers and high professorial titles will become what they really are – lies and fraud for the sake of high social status and no less high academic income.

In general, fierce resistance to new scientific theories in the history of science is by no means new.

There is another difficulty with the theory of biotic climate regulation in that it refutes the global climate agenda. And, along with it, and trillions in profits, and the monopolization of entire sectors of the economy, and claims to “power over the world” – everything becomes an obvious lie to many.

If the climate is regulated by Living Ancient Forests, then these forests must be preserved. And restore in a holistic form where they have already been destroyed. And not engage in the monopolization of agriculture of the WHOLE WORLD under the pretext of combating the “farting of livestock”, which allegedly creates a “threat to the Biosphere of the planet.” Alas, the cows are not to blame – cutting down millions of hectares is to blame!

And the global “carbon tax” racket is in question.

And how the timber merchants and the owners of the pulp and paper industry will be upset – it’s unimaginable at all!

I have repeatedly mentioned in my materials about the biotic regulation of climate on our planet Earth. Let me try again to elaborate on this.

Based on the analysis of the distribution of water vapor in the atmosphere, Viktor Gorshkov and Anastasia Makarieva revealed the principle by which air in the surface layer propagates from an area with less evaporation to an area with more evaporation. Air currents are maintained by the difference in evaporation forces in these areas.

The force of evaporation is the cause of the force of horizontal displacement of air masses. Wind, to put it simply.

From the analysis of the strength of evaporation, scientists have given an explanation for the stability of deserts, trade winds over the ocean, and summer and winter monsoons in areas devoid of forest cover.

Supporting powerful transpiration flows (water absorption by the roots followed by evaporation by the crown), the natural forest pumps in moist air from the ocean, increasing the level of precipitation many times over. In the absence of such a biotic pump, precipitation in disturbed ecosystems decreases exponentially with distance from the ocean on scales of the order of several hundred kilometers. That is, only due to physical principles, it rains in a strip a couple of hundred kilometers from the coast. And over areas of natural forests, entire rivers flow from the oceans deep into the continents at great heights. Then, thousands of kilometers away, these airy rivers rain down. And they give rise to such huge rivers as the Irtysh or the Ob in our country or the Amazon in South America.

“Rain Parades” This is what these “flying rivers” are called. The prevailing winds that pick up the water vapor exhaled by the forests and deliver rain to distant water bodies. For THOUSANDS of kilometers!

In their models, scientists have convincingly shown that the boreal forests of Russia, for example, regulate the climate of ALL of North Asia! The theory on mathematical models describes how the water vapor exhaled by trees sets the winds in motion. Winds cross the continent. They collect moist air from its European part. Further, through Siberia, they reach Mongolia and China. These winds bring rain that keeps ALL the giant rivers of Eastern Siberia flowing. These moist winds irrigate China’s northern plain, one of the country’s key agricultural regions.

Just a colossal, epic picture, if you imagine!





The first part of this idea, forests as “rain-makers,” arose among other scientists as well. Russian researchers only convincingly calculated this process. But the second part, the “biotic pump theory” itself, has a much more global sound. She continues the hypothesis of self-regulation of the Earth’s Biosphere on convincing quantitative data. Continues the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky. In fact, it confirms the INTELLIGENCE OF THE BIOSPHERE IN GENERAL.

The idea of ​​a biotic pump was holistically first put forward in late 2005. It’s 2022 now. 17 years have passed.

The theory, despite the fact that it remained outside the scientific mainstream, expanded and supplemented.

Now the theory of the biotic pump shows that an environment suitable for human life is created and sustainably maintained in an optimal state by natural (not disturbed by man) ecological communities of living organisms. First of all – Ancient forests.

But they have limits to sustainability!

Disturbed natural ecosystems, in fact, become anti-systems.

The development of natural ecosystems in the course of human economic activity destroys the mechanism of biotic regulation on a local scale. In separate territories. And it continuously weakens the global power of this mechanism of self-regulation of the Biosphere of the planet as a whole.

Disturbed ecosystems and artificial biosystems such as fields, pastures or planted forests are NOT CAPABLE of maintaining a stable environment. None of the types of anthropogenic landscapes DOES support the mechanism of the biotic pump in principle! On the contrary, they act as powerful environmental destabilizers.

In their conclusions, scientists even went further. They showed that the level of orderliness of living systems is twenty-four orders of magnitude higher than the levels of orderliness of systems of physical nature, systems that operate only due to physical principles. Which already closely leads to an understanding of the Earth’s Biosphere not just as a “self-organizing system”, but as an “intelligent system”!

I can give such an image: little ants who climbed into the computer’s system unit. We build our human anthills there. We eat the insulation from the wires. Sometimes we “short” the contacts, leading to partial malfunctions in operation.

But the computer as a whole so far, at the very least, works.

But we do not even know about the presence of some hidden information processing processes. We gnaw and gnaw at the insulation. Understanding nothing in a system that is immeasurably larger and more complex than us.

And now there is a CONFIRMED theory of the existence of such a complex global system.


It’s just that some ants “rake the loot” in the clearings of the Russian Taiga. Other ants “saw the budgets” of states and supranational structures, dreaming of “power over the world.” Still others – they cut down, and often, quite stupidly burn out the Amazon jungle for pastures and soybean plantations.



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